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Program Implementation and Deployment

Customized implementation demands rapid response with expertise already on staff. Turning a good idea into a great program takes special talents and scientific knowledge. Our Rapid Response Team tackles the hardest problems by applying 35 years of continuous learning.

  • Proctor Engineering Group creates a stress free environment for the Utility.
  • It applies scientific knowledge to guide implementation.
  • It builds a web portal for the Utility to track and access data.
  • It deploys experienced trainers to jump start the program.
  • It recruits local personnel and trains them to maintain quality and attain customer satisfaction.
  • It is responsive to the Utility's needs both locally and at the corporate level.




Program Design

Program Implementation

Program Management

Customer Satisfaction

Data Security

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Who We Are

Our number one goal is saving energy. Proctor Engineering Group takes problems and turns them into solutions through extensive research and creative innovation. We help people develop and achieve conservation and energy efficiency goals.

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