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Helping technicians keep out of and get out of trouble.

Call backs are usually the result of preventable mistakes. All of us are human and no matter how good our technicians are they still make mistakes. CheckMe! is a mistake preventer and a technician support system that helps technicians keep out of, and get out of trouble.   Call back expense  

To top level ethical contractors, dissatisfied customers are killers. Let the number one quality assurance program help you solidify your customer base through superior technician performance along with independent reassurance to your customers.


Proctor Engineering Group provides 100% customer satisfaction surveys, so you know what your customers are actually thinking about you – what is working and what is not working.

CheckMe! Program Satisfaction from Customers:

satisfactionThe satisfaction cards are consistently rated over 95% good or excellent. Any customer whose experience was rated "fair" or "poor" is contacted and the problem resolved.


“CheckMe!® cuts down on costly call backs, and it assures that the customer gets real energy efficiency from their equipment.”

Neil Marthedal

A.A. Marthedal Company Fresno, CA


“The early retirement program worked very well because it was a win win win situation. A win for the customer since they had a large incentive to replace their AC system, a win for the contractor since we have increased sales, and a win for the utility since they reduced energy consumption by replacing old, inefficient systems.”

General Manager

HVAC Company

Los Angeles, CA



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