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Proctor Engineering’s number one goal is saving energy. Since 1989, Proctor Engineering Group’s team of scientists have investigated how HVAC systems work in the real world and have turned that knowledge into products that save energy and reduce peak load for utility customers. It is our mission to create the best products based on the best research and to serve the public through the wisest use of public and private energy efficiency funding.

Key Personnel

John Proctor

Chief Executive Officer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1965, B.S. Mechanical Engineering.
Registered Professional Engineer.

John Proctor is a nationally recognized expert in practical energy efficiency based on field studies and performance monitoring. His firm, Proctor Engineering Group, specializes in bringing the performance of new and existing buildings up to their efficiency potential. The company taps Mr. Proctor’s experience to produce success in program design, development, implementation, training, and product evaluation.

Mr. Proctor has worked on both commercial and residential buildings, for clients including: ARTI, USDOE, EPRI, the California Energy Commission, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Florida Power and Light, as well as other agencies and utilities from coast to coast.


Mr. Proctor is one of the original “House as a System” Gurus. He is the creator of CheckMe!®, an integrated system that combines human experts and computer expert systems in real time contact with field technicians to achieve proper installation and repair of air conditioners, heat pumps, duct systems, as well as other residential and commercial systems.

John is one of the technical experts that provide real time technician support.

Tom Downey

Chief Development Officer

As Chief Development Officer, Tom Downey is responsible for our close relationships with utility energy efficiency administrators. He tirelessly creates new opportunities for utilities across the nation. Mr. Downey has been in the energy efficiency business since the early 1980s. His immense knowledge of building performance, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and whole house interactions comes from years of hands on experience.

Jon Croke

Chief Operating Officer

Jon Croke joined Proctor Engineering Group in 2011 with a surplus of experience in data analytics. He has worked with Automotive Protection Enterprises and the Wachovia Corporation as a Senior Data Analyst. Jon is responsible for managing and analyzing the transactional information. His ability to streamline data processes has resulted in a very high level of responsiveness to utility and regulatory requests.

Mike Sims

Director of Quality Assurance and Training

Mike Sims is a licensed California HVAC contractor. He has extensive experience in the application of advanced air conditioning and duct diagnostic techniques. He has been an HVAC supervisor, HVAC trainer, auditor trainer, duct and blower door technician and trainer, as well as consultant on combustion safety testing and repair.

Mike manages the quality assurance process from start to finish. Focusing on both the technician and the system that supports the work he provides hands-on training, inspects completed jobs, and provides feedback to technicians and contractors. Mr. Sims provides tech retraining for those who need support in understanding and following program requirements. Mike is one of the technical experts that provide real time technician support.

Abram Conant

Senior Engineer

As Senior Chief Engineer with Proctor Engineering Group, Abram Conant has managed projects targeting energy efficiency improvements for residential and commercial HVAC equipment since 2004. He has designed equipment and procedures to be used by HVAC service technicians and has been the lead engineer on design, experimentation, data acquisition and analysis for product development. Abram played a significant role in the development of the hot-dry air conditioners built for the CEC and was the lead in the subsequent hot-dry AC field monitoring project for PG&E. He was also lead in the development and construction of hot climate air conditions for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has developed onboard diagnostic systems for air conditioners, has managed energy efficiency programs for electric utilities, and has contributed to the development of simulation algorithms used in the California Title 24 building codes. 


Sheree Sims

Director of Contractor Services

Sheree Sims has worked on energy efficiency programs for the past 20 years. She provides experienced contractor support for CheckMe!® at Proctor Engineering Group. She facilitates quality production and provides contractor problem solving while meeting program standards. She is the “ear for the contractor” in Pacific Gas & Electric, Burbank Water & Power, KCP&L, Gulf Power and NV Energy. Sheree provides a high level of customer service by meeting expectations and satisfying needs of contractors and utility companies.

Randy Larson

Call Center Director

Randy Larson manages the Call Center staff, provides assistance to participating contractors and technicians, and works closely with PEG’s IT staff in the ongoing CheckMe!® software development and maintenance process. Additionally, Mr. Larson is the program manager for PEG’s CheckMe! Programs in the Pacific Northwest, Burbank/Glendale Water & Power, and San Diego Gas & Electric territories.

Yolanda Palominos

HR Generalist

As HR Generalist, Yolanda Palominos manages the administration of our human resource policies, procedures, and programs. She is integral in the internal operations of the company, including staff recruitment, employee relations, and company communications. In addition, Ms. Palominos has  performed as Executive Assistant to Proctor Engineering’s COO since 2012.



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Who We Are

Our number one goal is saving energy. Proctor Engineering Group takes problems and turns them into solutions through extensive research and creative innovation. We help people develop and achieve conservation and energy efficiency goals.

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