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The Multifamily Cooling Optimizer Program is administered by Proctor Engineering Group for PG&E. The program provides air conditioner tune-up and improvement services for eligible multifamily properties in California’s Central Valley region. The program offers the following no cost services for eligible customers:

  • Air conditioner tune-up including precise diagnostics, coil cleaning, airflow improvements, and refrigerant adjustments

  • Installation of the Western Cooling Controlâ„¢ enhanced fan control to help your tenants get more bang for the buck each time the air conditioner runs|

  • Replacement of old inefficient fan motors with new high efficiency motors

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  The program also offers incentives for establishing a qualifying maintenance agreement.

How it works, step by step

  1. Your participating HVAC contractor will explain the program and discuss the improvement opportunities at your property
  2. Complete the Program Participation and Access Agreement and schedule the work with your participating HVAC contractor

   3.  Upon completion of the work, we will provide a quality inspection to ensure the
        work was performed correctly

   4.   You will receive a report showing how each of your units is performing and what
         improvements were made

Next steps: Contact Proctor Engineering by calling 1-877-422-2432 to learn more about the program or find a participating HVAC contractor. For information about other PG&E programs click here.





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